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Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica

Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica & GMT-Master are among the most sought-after luxury sports watches. The two watches may look similar to the untrained eyes, but there are differences that go beyond appearances.

Take a look at the two classics and find out what makes them different.

Dive Watch and GMT Watch Both the Rolex GMT-Master and Submariner were launched in the mid-1950s by Rolex and both have a well-documented history.Panerai Replica Watches The Submariner, introduced in 1953, was the second breakthrough in waterproofness after the Oyster, which was invented in 1926.

In 1954, Rolex GMT-Master launched as an aviation timepiece. The 24-hour bezel was bi-colored to allow pilots to read the time in different time zones with just a glance. Rolex introduced the GMT-Master II in 1983. This time, it featured a 24-hour dial, a thicker casing, and larger crown guards.

Rolex continues to improve and add new features to their watches.Richard Mille Replica Watches Some of these modifications have led the Sub and GMT-Master II to look the same.

What's the Difference?We'll compare the stainless steel versions of both watches: the Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica Ref 116610, and the Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116710.

The Submariner bezel has been marked to look like a dive watch: 60 minute graduations are broken down into five-minute increments with numbers every ten minutes. Also, you'll see that the first fifteen minutes are marked with tick marks of one minute. Divers can use these to accurately monitor their time under water.

GMT-Master II is marked in 24 hour increments with numbers indicating the even hours. The 24-hour hand and this work together to tell time in a different time zone.